Ordering a Tesla Model S in Australia

My love and fascination for electric cars goes way (way, way, way) back to my tinkering with a Tamiya TL01 RC car back when I had no chest hair (now »

Reddit is terrible, and playing with Azure Machine Learning

For quite a few years now, reddit has been a main hub for social news and an alarming amount of culture. When Reddit was getting off the ground it was »

The Newbies's Journal of Jouneys in JavaScript

The amount of things built on top of JavaScript is enormous and if you're new, intimidating. barebones, ECMA-Specified JavaScript is incomprehensible on its own, and to boot there are frameworks »

Women + Technology = Techno-Crackers

Are you a 21st century lady who is capable enough to compete with a man? Do you have aspirations in the software field? So you plan to join the techno »

Leveraging the new features in SQL Server 2014 to gain the best performance

Enterprises today need a trusted, cost-effective, and scalable database platform that can provide high performance, scalability, and flexible cloud-based offerings. SQL Server 2014 is the next generation of information storage »

Devs + Estimation = Always Wrong

"When can you have that done?" Have you ever had this conversation? Hey [name], when do you think you can have work item #5781 done for our project? Sounds easy »